Miscellaneous Crafts Sheep
All blog readers, this writer recently visited one collector of leather and horn sheep in the area of Bekasi. Truly amazed, the writer sees her collection has a very high artistic value, of course, hopefully this information useful and indicates where all the goats to sheep production proved to be valuable, not just flesh and feces only. Plus various other information sources Miscellaneous Crafts Sheep follows:

What is the price of this horn? For the horns of wild sheep that can be utilized to Alaska hilt of a sword and a knife then valued approximately U.S. $ 100 per share.

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Craft Centers Pucang Jateng not shaken Foreign Products

Written by Editor on 12 March 2010

(Regional News – Java) – smell of burning horn and wood dust amplasan results until today still become everyday life in the horn and wood handicraft center in the village of Pucang, Secang district, Magelang regency, Central Java.
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Nearly One Village to her Bamboo Crafts

Among the rural can be very easy to find a bamboo tree. However, not many know that bamboo can be processed as a source of economic income that can bring many advantages.
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Bradford Ornamental Ceramics

Malahayu Village, District Banjraharjo, Brebes, Central Java, known as the center of decorative ceramics. Work of the villagers are in great demand because it has a fairly high artistic value.

Ceramic artisans in the village of Malahayu, initially only craftsmen grabah or household products such as clay jars, pots and jars. However, since last 10 years, not only skilled craftsmen make pottery, but also capable of doing such kerajikan ceramic urns and decorative ceramic dish.

Decorative ceramics Malahayu Village has an artistic form that is no less than the Chinese ceramics. In the village there are currently Malahayu 3 ceramics manufacturing business unit.

With a total annual production reached 42 thousand 400 pieces. Village ceramics marketed Malahayu besides big cities in Java, are also marketed to Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. However, these artisans have not been able to penetrate the international market because they do not have sufficient capital.
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Lembang Crafts

Dent other than cool and famous for its natural and beautiful culinary tour that also has a variety of crafts that are not less beautiful, such as:

1. Art Institute of Special Crafts “Painting Bottle”

2. Typical Crafts Art Institute “Mask Batok”

3. Typical Crafts Art Institute “Bamboo Bag”

4. Typical Crafts Art Institute “Souvenir”

Galery WisataLembang
Jl. Raya Lembang
Tel: 022-91252912

handicraft made from coconut wood

handicraft made from coconut wood

handicraft made from coconut wood

YOGYAKARTA, 25 / 3 – CRAFT. Jumari (59) completed the manufacture of handicraft made from coconut wood, in Jethak, Sidokarto, Godean, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Thursday (25 / 3). Handicrafts of palm tree waste that has been occupied for 25 years has been marketed in Indonesia kesejumlah region to Turkey and Japan with a price of USD 8 thousand to $ 25 thousand perbuah depending on the form and degree of difficulty. AFP PHOTO / Revelation Putro A/10

Utilization of Waste Rock as Stone Sculpture Objects In Craft Village Gianyar Bali Batubulan

By: Drs. I Nyoman Parnama Ricor.

In the artistic arena word “creative” always claim to be the culprit. The goal all kinds, such as freedom of expression, new discoveries, improved quality of work, self-searching, even politics, economics, etc.. Thus in art college in Indonesia slotted the subject “Creative Experiment”. ITB Arts has conducted this course 70s. The work of emerging artists is shown by many statues of Drs. G. Sidhartha Soegijo with works that use a variety of media and the results are amazing (AZ Rizki 1997: 4). Subsequent developments in other arts colleges also complement the curriculum such as Creative Experiment Course FSRD ISI Denpasar.
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Development of Bone Crafts

By: I Ketut Arsa Sida

Since ancient times humans have been able to create works of fine art and crafts. They have been able to make goods with simple techniques and materials, easier to work even on goods that use the technique, complex, and the complex with the material workability. Materials such as soil easier to work with college, while working hard materials such as wood, stone and metal (Gustami, 2004). In creating craft items at the time factors of usability a top priority but also the aesthetic factor they do not just ignore it showed the diversity of remains were found as; nekara, various kinds of stone axes and a variety of other household equipment (Gustami, 2004 )
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Art Craft Fabrics Generate Believe Gains

Waste fabric remnants or commonly called patchwork, sometimes only become waste that is not utilized. This remaining fabric has shades of different motifs that make it difficult reusing these cloths. However, in the Village Sukunan use fabric remnants can be optimized because of the craft-making skills that come from fabric remnants. Recycled fabric remnants to be used as a variety of handicrafts such as bags, knick-knacks, and various accessories.
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Craft Items Made Rattan So Mainstay east Kalimantan

Products made from rattan craft will be the mainstay Kaltim. Unfortunately, the needs still unmet wicker well

Products made from rattan craft will be the mainstay Kaltim. Unfortunately, the needs still unmet wicker well

SAMARINDA – east Kalimantan handicrafts products have good market potential in the international world. Unfortunately, the market potential has not been able to offset with good production capacity. One is the potential of handicraft products made of rattan seed east Kalimantan.
Rattan handicraft products made from this will be the mainstay east Kalimantan. Unfortunately, the needs still unmet wicker well.
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